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Criminal Defense

“Win Your Case With Us”

As part of the firm’s commitment to providing full service to its clients, Rosemarie Barnett now represents clients in their criminal matters, focusing in particular on traffic and driving violations including DWI, controlled substance offenses, and immigration consequences to criminal convictions and pleas. She works with top-notch criminal defense attorneys in the area to provide the best service to clients.

If you have been arrested or served with a criminal court summons, the Law Office of Rosemarie Barnett is here to help. Give us a call today.

Personal Injury

“Never a Fee Unless Your Case is Won”

A serious injury caused by someone else’s negligence can change one’s life forever. At the Law Office of Rosemarie Barnett, PLLC, we believe every client deserves quality legal counsel and a fair chance in the courtroom.

Ms. Barnett understands the emotional and financial stress caused by personal injuries. She is compassionate and genuinely cares about her clients and will stand up for their rights. She works with experienced personal injury attorneys to investigate the specifics of a case, compile evidence and develop the theory of the case. Call her today to determine your rights if you have been injured.

Commercial Litigation

“100% Percent Commitment, 100% Of The Time”

Rosemarie Barnett is experienced in a broad range of litigation. The Law Office is actively engaged in all phases of litigation, from the pre-filing stage through trial and appeal. Ms. Barnett is skilled at taking and defending depositions, handling discovery matters expeditiously, engaging in motion practice, negotiating favorable settlements, and, when necessary, taking a case successfully to trial.


“Keeping Families Together”

Immigration issues have dominated the news cycle recently.

This is a land of immigrants, but never in recent times has immigration been such a hot-button issue. Laws have become stricter, immigration benefits like DACA and TPS have been rescinded, and enforcement policies have become more aggressive.

Any person who is not a U.S. citizen must take stock of their immigration status right now. It is no longer “safe” to rely on one’s green card status, for example. The news is full of sad stories of families being torn apart because of the implementation of the newer and harsher policies of our current government.

Ms. Barnett provides full service support to clients who need to secure lawful status in the United States. Ms. Barnett aggressively defends her clients who are in removal proceedings in Immigration Court, and works zealously to find the best form of immigration relief for them.The firm aids individual clients with asylum applications, Special Immigrant Juvenile, waivers, marital and fiancée visas, permanent residence, naturalization and work permits.

If you are not a citizen andare living in the U.S., Ms. Barnett can help you understand your options for gaining permanent legal residency and citizenship. Ms. Barnett is actively engaged in all phases of immigration litigation including representation at master hearings, merits hearings and bond hearings, passionate motion practice, and appeals.

Ms. Barnett keeps careful track of changes in immigration law and policy so she can maximize the effectiveness of her representation.

If you or your loved ones believe they have a pathway to securing immigration status, or are vulnerable to current immigration enforcement policies, or would like to discuss business or employment-based immigration, contact our office immediately to arrange a consultation.

The law firm is multilingual, offering services in Spanish and Hindi.

Matrimonial/Family Law

“Helping You Find Justice and Peace”

The Law Office of Rosemarie Barnett, PLLC is committed to finding resolution in an area of the law that can feel like an emotional minefield.Her legal experience along with her genuine compassion make her a unique force to have on your side.

Ms. Barnett represents clients in their divorces, petitions for guardianship, custody, visitation, child support, family offenses and neglect matters. In this area of the law, choosing the right lawyer to assert or defend your rights is crucial.

The goal of the Law Office of Rosemarie Barnett, PLLC is to get you through the process, with the results you need, as expeditiously as possible. Her focus is to bring you peace of mind. And if children are involved, Ms. Barnett ensures their best interests are paramount.