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– E.S. (Commercial Litigation Client)

Attorney Barnett was introduced by a friend’s boss when we are looking for a lawyer. My friend’s boss, who is also a lawyer, said she is the best lawyer for our case. It’s been a carousel journey for us. There were nights that I couldn’t sleep, it was so stressful for me. But I had big hopes that the case would be dismissed through the help of this young, energetic and smart lady. We called her “Atty Rose” for short. She’s so dependable and so, so smart. I really admire her enthusiasm in helping me until the end of this fight. With our limited budget, she believed in us and still helped us. All I did was to trust God and her so that these unfair cases against us would be over quickly and fairly. With Atty Rose’s lawyering skills and hard work, we got a great result, thank God. Atty Rose is worth a strong recommendation.