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Matrimonial/Family Law

“Helping You Find Justice and Peace”

The Law Office of Rosemarie Barnett, PLLC is committed to finding resolution in an area of the law that can feel like an emotional minefield.Her legal experience along with her genuine compassion make her a unique force to have on your side.

Ms. Barnett represents clients in their divorces, petitions for guardianship, custody, visitation, child support, family offenses and neglect matters. In this area of the law, choosing the right lawyer to assert or defend your rights is crucial.

The goal of the Law Office of Rosemarie Barnett, PLLC is to get you through the process, with the results you need, as expeditiously as possible. Her focus is to bring you peace of mind. And if children are involved, Ms. Barnett ensures their best interests are paramount.